Are You Prepared for Data Loss?

Post it note reads, can your comapany survive without critical data for 10 days? Most companies cant!

Over two thirds of companies that don’t back up and experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.

One study reports a company that experiences an outage lasting for more than 10 days will never fully recover financially, and that 50% of companies suffering such an event will be out of business within five years.

There are new viruses emerging all the time. The newest of which destroys both your computer’s data and data on attached external hard–drives. With the average cost to recover data running approx. $1500 per hard–drive plus lost time, online backup is not an option, it’s a necessity.

PC Solutions Online Backup Service Includes:

Backup for Multiple Machines

PC Solutions Online Backup is ideal for businesses with many workstations and laptop fleets. Schedule secure online backups for every computer in your company.

Secure for Businesses

Our Online Backup uses 11 data centers worldwide. These data centers backup to two redundant locations that require biometric credentials for entry and are under watch 24/7.

Unlimited Versions

Use our archiving feature to restore every version of your files ever backed up.

Regulation Compliance

PC Solutions Online Backup complies with the following regulations: SAS 70 Type II, SSAE 16,PCI, Saranes Oxley, HIPAA, US EU Safe Harbor.

Flexible Scheduling

Have the flexibility to schedule monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly backups. You can also do an instant backup.

Can I Afford an Online Backup Solution?

An average hard–drive failure “event” can cost around $1500 plus lost time. Most small businesses can get by with a 100 GB or less back up plan, at $39/month it will take your business over 5 years to recover the cost of this one “event”!

Please contact us to discuss which plan best suits your needs.

*Backups are not monitored or maintained by PC Solutions. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure backups are occurring regularly and recovery data is tested.

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