Why We Choose ESET?

We choose ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced for our clients because in addition to being a straightforward, no-nonsense anti-virus and anti-malware program, Endpoint also comes with web control, firewall and anti-spam filters to provide multiple layers of protection for the company network, or home office. ESET is a trusted global security company, with more than 30 years of experience in detecting and disabling threats. They remain focused on developing technology to stay ahead of emerging viruses and malware.

ESET is Powerful System Protection

ESET Endpoint Prtection Advanced Software Box


PC Solutions’ Most Trusted Security for Your Home or Office!

$45.00/year/per computer

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  Award-winning Anti-virus & Anti-spyware to Keep Your Company, or Home Office Network Protected Online and Off

  Auto-Scan USBs, CDs, and DVDs for Threats to Eliminate Auto-run

  Low System Demands Leaves More System Resources Allowing Software to Run Smoothly, Even on Older Hardware

  Cross-Platform Protection Eliminates Malware on Windows, Mac and Linux to Prevent Spreading from One Platform to Another

  Provide Real-Time On-Access Scanning of Server Stored Data

  ESET’s Self Defense Prevents Malware and Unauthorized Users From Disabling the System with Password Protected Uninstallation

  Create Dynamic and Static Client Groups for Easier Policy Enforcement and to Address Any Pressing Issues

  Automatically Detects Server Roles to Exclude Critical Server Files to Decrease Overhead

  Create Detailed Web Controls That Allow the Blocking of Unwanted Sites, or Categories Like Social Media and Adult Sites

  Two-Way Firewall Prevents Unauthorized Access to Your Private Data

  Client Anti-spam Protects Your Communications From Spam and Email-Borne Threats

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